Meghan Canada
Meghan is deeply grateful for her yoga practice, and that it led her to become the founder and caretaker of humble monkey yoga. She is registered with Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 500 level (500 hours of training plus more than 1000 teaching hours) is a certified yoga nidra facilitator, and has completed her 300 hour yoga therapy certification through Inner Peace Yoga Therapy.  Meg is an avid student of life, has a fulfilling and varied personal practice that includes a whole lot of singing and carrying on, a deep affection for Hindu mythology and poetry of all traditions, and a fondness for vegan chocolate chip cookies.

With a personal intention to be of joyful service, Meg leads her classes with an open heart and a playful sense of humor.  Whatever the style, she emphasizes physical safety, personal inquiry, and a connection to the breath.  Outside of the studio, she loves spending time with her husband of 20+ years and their 2 great kids, giving her dog Lulu belly rubs and playing the Irish flute .  She considers herself to be one of the luckiest people ever.

Patricia Levy
 Patricia has been teaching yoga for over 12 years and has developed a style of practice and teaching that she feels reflects the best of current Yoga information. “Yoga is passed down from teacher to student as it has been for thousands of years, and it is very much alive and well and evolving with the times. I feel that it is my path to teach Yoga and to be part of this golden link. The practice of bringing the senses deeply into the inner body through the breath is the basis of all Yoga.”  Her first certification was through the Temple of Kriya Yoga, Gosswami Kriyananda in 1999, the second with Ashtangi Richard Freeman. Currently she is studying Ashtanga at the 500 hr level with Cheryl and Dave Oliver in Scottsdale. 

Mariah Phillips
Mariah began practicing yoga as a child, watching her mother's practice and imitating the poses. This early awareness and appreciation for the physical self, coupled with a desire to delve into the rich and fascinating spiritual aspect of the practice has woven its way through her life, eventually leading her to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, where she graduated as an RYT-200. Mariah enjoys sharing a practice with her classes that allow for room to explore, grow, and appreciate their own bodies and minds, as well as providing a supportive space to move at the pace best suited to their needs. A strong believer in the "Lila" or playful aspect of yoga, she feels that enjoying a safe and rewarding practice is preferred to achieving a "perfect pose". When not on the mat, she spends her time hiking with her husband and their dog, whipping up new recipes to sample, and involvement in the local arts as a belly dancer.

Dylan Zoller 
After years of working in the corporate world, weight training, and participating in marathons and half marathons, Dylan (RYT 200-hr) felt a need to bring her focus inward. After her first yoga class eight years ago, she knew that she wanted to share yoga with others and took her first teacher training at Yoga Village in 2009, which focused on Anusara-style hatha yoga, and completed her Vinyasa 200-hour training in 2012. Most recently, Dylan has become passionate about bringing yoga to special populations and to that end is working with Conscious Community Yoga.Dylan draws on her lifelong love of the desert and alignment principles to guide her students into discovering their inner strengths and opening their hearts.

Leslie Ullstrup 

After 25 years of running marathons, ultra-marathons, and triathlons,  Leslie gave up her running shoes for a yoga mat.  Back problems prompted her to take a gentler approach to fitness and well-being.  Yoga helped her back so significantly that she felt compelled to “spread the word” about Yoga and become a teacher. Leslie studied the Anusara style with Martin and Jordan Kirk at Yoga Village, and received her 200 hour certification in 2005.  She completed her 500 hour certification in June, 2013, under the guidance of her teacher, Meg Byerlein at  Desert Song Healing Arts Center in Phoenix. Leslie’s teaching reflects her Anusara background, with an emphasis on good alignment, mindful breathing, and opening the heart.  Leslie teaches all levels of students and especially enjoys creating new and innovative restorative classes enabling students to mentally and physically relax.  She incorporates poetry, gentle massage and a symphonic gong.
Leslie is married to Pete, also a yogi, and has lived in the north valley since 1975. She has three adult children, one of whom is a yoga teacher in Portland, OR.
She enjoys hiking, and spending quality time with her three dogs, and you will also find her poking through Goodwill on a regular basis.

"You must learn to be still in the midst of activity, and vibrantly alive in repose"
Indira Gandhi

Our teachers are friendly, loving and as dedicated to their own practice as they are to yours!